The Extraordinary Life of Marjoe Gortner: From Child Evangelist to that Explosive Documentary to Actor

Marjoe Gortner

Marjoe Gortner was an ordained minister at 4, released an Oscar-winning documentary exposing his evangelical career as a fraud in 1972, recorded an album, and had a solid career as an actor. And, yet, he remains mostly forgotten today. That’s a shame. His story is powerful and interesting. He turned his childhood abuse and exploitation … Read more

Forgotten Fashion: The Hostess Dress

Hostess Dress and Hostess Gown 1970

If there has ever been a fashion trend that needs to be brought back – now! -, it’s the Hostess Dress. Popular from the 1930s through the 1970s, women wore Hostess Dresses (also called a Hostess Gown)  at their dinner parties to indicate that this party was a swanky affair but also relaxed because it … Read more