The 25 Best 1970s TV Theme Songs

The Best 70s TV Theme Songs Heading

Step into the time machine with me, and let’s wind back to a period when television sets were encased in robust wooden cabinets and color TV was still new and exciting. TV theme songs in the 1970s weren’t just jingles—they were a cultural phenomenon, a vibrant slice of Americana that lingers even today. Remember the evenings when … Read more

The 25 Best 1970s Commercials Featuring Sports Stars

70s Sports Commercials Heading

These iconic 1970s sports commercials featured our beloved athletes jumping from the field to the screen, creating unforgettable moments, from the swaggering Joe Namath to the always charming George Foreman. So, grab a cold one, put your feet up, and let’s travel back in time to relive the top 25 1970s sports commercials that captured … Read more

Relive the Golden Age of Air Travel with These Stunning Photos

The Golden Age of Air Travel Heading

In today’s hectic and anxious world of 21st-century travel, it is hard to imagine a time when traveling by plane was considered a sophisticated and romantic experience. However, during the “golden age” of air travel (generally considered to be from post-World War II to the 1960s), air travel was a luxurious and glamorous affair. People … Read more

Rod McKuen: The Best-Selling 70s Poet and Songwriter Barely Remembered Today

Rod McKuen - the poet

Rod McKuen: songwriter, recording artist, poet, author, and actor. In 1972, he was the best-selling author in America and the best-selling poet in history. He had over 60 gold and platinum records. Artists like Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and Nina Simone recorded his songs.  According to Barry Alfonso’s biography A Voice of the Warm: The … Read more

17 Astonishing 1970s Sports Moments

1970s Sports Moments

There were so many great sports moments in the 1970s. Monday Night Football began airing in 1970, and millions have been glued to the TV on Monday nights ever since. Major League Baseball’s American League began allowing the Designated Hitter (DH) in 1973, immediately adding excitement for fans and headaches for pitchers. (See the bottom … Read more

The Worst Songs of the 1970s

The worst songs of 1970s heading

It’s easy to criticize today’s songs, especially if we compare them to some of the best songs of the 1970s. But, let’s face it, some of the songs released in the 1970s were real stinkers. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the worst songs of the 1970s. 1. “Make it With You”, … Read more