50 Free Printable Retro Space Age Valentines

The United States was obsessed with outer space during the late 1950s and 1960s. After the launch of Sputnik in 1957, we were obsessed with getting our own astronauts into space and getting a man on the moon before the Russians.

Suddenly everything had an outer space theme. Cars were designed to look sleek and powerful, like rockets. Advertisements featured women in space suits. TV shows dared to go where no man had gone before.

Of course, the space age craze trickled down to the holidays. One of the cutest trends of the space age was the proliferation of space-themed valentines. You could tell your valentine that they were “out of this world” or that being their valentine would put you “on top of the world.”

You can still jump on the outer space rocket ship! Here are 50 retro space-age valentines you can download and print for your own modern-day valentine. Or save your favorite to your phone and send them out as texts this Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of anything more space-aged than sending a cute message to your loved one from the computer we all carry around in our pockets.

1. A Valentine for You

Your valentine’s heart will melt when they see this adorable vintage valentine with a sweet boy and the cutest dog.

2. On Top of the World

Here’s another sweet puppy to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day. I love the antennas that our retro space people are sporting.

3. Speeding Your Way to Say “Hi”

This delightful tot is blasting into your heart via rocket power.

4. You’re Out of This World Valentine!

This clean-shaven crew-cut astronaut is blasting out of this world and into your heart.

5. Hi!

When your glittery outfit is this space-age fabulous, you can keep your message short and simple.

6. Is There Any Space in Your Heart for Me?

Even vintage valentines aren’t above a fun pun.

7. You’re Some Discovery!

Here’s a fun way to tell your valentine that they’re not like all the others.

8. My Heart Revolves Around You

This little sweetie is broadcasting her love to the whole universe.

9. You Are Out of This World

Another valentine to let your sweetheart know that they’re so out of this world, you literally have to go into space to find them.

10. Just Space Enough to Say You’re My Valentine

Lack of space is apparently an issue for this retro beauty. Our girl astronaut doesn’t seem to have enough room for her body.

11. I’d Like to Shoot the Moon with You

Even the moon is in the Valentine’s Day spirit by turning into a heart with an invitation to lovers.

12. Why Keep it a Secret?

This vintage valentine is space-themed and references the Cold War. Two for one!

13. Hello! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Do they know it’s Valentine’s Day in space? Our little friend is making sure they do with his cheery announcement.

14. I Fell For You

Another delightfully vintage look for this interplanetary valentine. I’m not entirely sure this lady astronaut is happy about falling for her sweetheart.

15. I want to Revolve Around a Valentine Like You

This message probably wouldn’t fly (get it?) on a modern-day Valentine’s Card, but the lovely colors and our retro boy’s cute freckles help sell the sentiment.

16. I Am Really Gone My Valentine

Show your sweetheart that you’re prepared to rocket through space to find them.

17. Just Planet Right – and I’m Yours

Another cute little pun from our space-age sweetheart.

18. However We Planet, Let’s Be Valentines

I wouldn’t have immediately thought about using the word planet as a pun in a space-themed valentine, but obviously, the writers of yesteryear really loved the wordplay.

19. Let’s Go Out of This World

Invite your sweetheart to visit the stars with you by rocket ship with this sweet vintage Valentine.

20. You Put Me in Orbit, Valentine!

The Valentine is a little newer than some of the more vintage cards we’re including. By this point, we knew what a space capsule looked like.

21. Valentine – I Want to Orbit Around You

Another message that might just be a little too needy for the present day. Who can resist this cute pink astronaut though?

22. You’re My Target, so Be My Valentine

Here’s a vaguely threatening card to show you won’t take no for an answer.

23. I’m Mooning Over You Valentine!

With the wrong illustration, this valentine’s message might seem a little inappropriate. But this adorable puppy would never say anything so crass!

24. You’ll Missle – Lot If You Won’t Be My Valentine

When you know your worth, you don’t need to sell yourself. I’m intrigued by the misspelling of the word Missile. I guess the writers really wanted to hammer home the pun.

25. This Missile Be Your Valentine

Another pun on the word “missile,” this valentine also shows a bit of quiet confidence. No begging here!

26. Let’s Go Around Together!

Send this valentine to the friend you want to invite on all your best adventures.

27. The Future Would Appear so Fine, If You Would be My Valentine

This is probably my favorite vintage valentine. I love the painterly retro illustration and the rich colors. This valentine looks just beautiful printed out on heavy card stock.

28. You’re “A-OKAY” Valentine

This rosy-cheeked rocket man want you to know that he’s in orbit over you.

29. Come Down to Earth and Be My Valentine

What’s an Outer Space-themed Valentine without an alien? Apparently, this little green man already resides on our planet because he wants you to join him on earth.

30. I’ll Tell the World We’re Going to “Planet” So We Can Be Valentines

This vintage valentine has it all: little green men, a pun around the word “planet,” and radio transmissions! There’s even a tiny moon made out of green cheese in the corner.

31. I’m Jet-Propelled for You, Valentine

Technically, a bit of a theme mismatch since you can’t actually fly a jet in outer space. But I’ll allow it because of the sweet smiles from our twin pilots.

32. A Valentine for You

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I love the retro colors and perky red hair of our -cheerleader astronaut?

33. You Built a Wall

This vintage valentine is giving off some big villain energy.

34. I’d “Travel” to the Moon for You Valentine!

There may be a couple in a rocket ship on the front of this card, but you can let your valentine know that you understand that space travel isn’t actually possible when you give them this valentine with the word “travel” in quotes.

35. Want to be My Space Mate?

This young lass and her kitten are heading out to the moon and the planets. Of course, we want to come along!

36. I Like You

Pointing a ray gun at your sweetheart is an odd way to show your love, but I’m tickled by our little astronaut’s outfit. He seems to have borrowed it from Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk fame. I guess he figured that it had been tested at great heights?

37. You Have Me Floating in Space

Show your valentine just how high your love goes with this retro charmer.

38. I’ll Be Your Valentine, Just Give Me The Signal

This little guy is all business, but he’s still taking the time to let you know he cares.

39. You’ve Got Me Flying High Valentine

Awww, how adorable is this little spaceman? He’s flying high just because of you.

40. You Put My Control Panel Out of Order

While not technically space-themed, I had to include these lovable robots because I love the clever message of the card. Also, they do look a little like Bender from Futurama, right?

41. Woosh You’d Love Me!

Aww, this vintage valentine is a little sad. Won’t you make him happy and give him your love?

42. There’s “Space” in My Heart for You

Finally, we’ve got an outer space kitten to go along with all our cute puppies. And, unlike my kitten who is a self-centered psychopath, this little mewler holds space in his heart just for you.

43. I Want to Be the First to Claim Your Heart

The message on this Valentine could be a little clearer. I keep reading it as “I want to be the first moon to claim your heart.” But how can we refuse those rosy cheeks and bashful smile?

44. Say You’re Mine

This retro Valentine has a lot of demands, considering that it’s saying that you’re in control. But it’s so beautifully colorful and our astronaut has such lovely blue eyes that I can’t help but fall in love.

45. I am Suborbital Without You

I’m not completely sure that this valentine is truly vintage, but I had to include it because how often do you get to use the word “suborbital” in a romantic card? Not often enough and this pooch is really selling the message.

46. I Moon A U

Not sure what this message means, if I’m honest. Is it possible that someone hand-wrote it? And if so, just what did they mean? So many mysteries with this guy.

47. I’m Ready to Blast-Off Valentine

This little lady has a lot to say and she’s going to make sure you get the message, even if she has to go all the way to outer space.

48. Don’t Leave Me “Up in the Air”

This is the vintage valentine to send to that love interest who’s playing hard to get. Are they – or are they not – your valentine?

49. You’re Out of This World

Our astronaut is giving me big pin-up model vibes, but she’s the one who thinks you’re out of this world!

50. My Space Sled Leads Straight to Your Heart

Nope, I have no idea what a space sled is and I’m almost positive that I don’t want to know. Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re in outer space here!